Key BFI Personnel

Ron Rebenitsch Ron Rebenitsch, PE, MBA Chief Executive Officer  Ron Rebenitsch is founder and CEO of Energy Engineering, Inc. and began independent consulting in 2011 after a 35 year career with Basin Electric Power Cooperative, one of the largest electric generation and transmission cooperatives in the U.S. with a service territory including 9 states.  Throughout his career, Ron’s responsibilities included management of wind energy projects, power plant engineering & construction, and distributed energy resources, such as recovered waste heat generation.

As Manager of Alternative Technologies at Basin Electric, he managed the development of $600 million of Basin-owned wind projects, and initiated additional large power purchase agreements for more wind energy.  He also oversaw development of 44 MWs of waste heat recovery projects, and was the project manager for the Department of Energy’s ‘Wind-to-Hydrogen’ R&D project near Minot, ND.  Ron developed, implemented and managed Basin Electric’s renewable energy credit marketing program which ranked in the U.S. Top 10 Utility Green Power Programs for several years. During that time, he also participated in the early development of the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System and the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System.

Since leaving Basin Electric, as an independent consultant, Ron served for 2 years as Executive Director for the South Dakota Wind Energy Association and has provided consulting services for a number of projects involving wind, solar and biomass in locations ranging from New York to the Philippines.  He recently concluded a 2-year assignment as Site Manager for a hydro-related project in Alaska and accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of BioEnergy Fuels, Inc.

Ron has a civil engineering degree from North Dakota State University (NDSU) and masters of business degree (MBA) from the University of North Dakota (UND). He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of North Dakota and Colorado.
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johnhJohn Hansen Chief Technical Officer   Mr. Hansen has accumulated more than 50 years of corporate management, sales, marketing and technical engineering experience, including the management of four companies with total P&L responsibility and serving on 14 Boards of Directors.

Proctor & Gamble Charmin Paper Green Bay Wisc (Charmin Paper 35 MW electrical system)

Hudson Pulp and Paper, Engineering Manager

 Masonite Corporation  Towanda PA  Engineering Manager

 Ukiah Cal  Operations manager  

Axel Johnson company of Stockholm Sweden, Marketing Sales Manager (US&Canada) Motala Division of Axel Johnson Inc Sweden

Formac International, Seattle Wa Washington Iron Works Vice President & BOD Boardline Divison

Networks Northwest Issaquah WA Marketing Sales VP > Metapath Systems sale to Marconi Systems

From April 2010 to Current; he was involved in numerous start-ups and mergers of technology companies. The services include advisory services on funding, marketing,
sales, and emerging technology that affect the company goals and objectives including

Current clients include Wireless, Energy, and Cable companies.
He has founded, co-founded, or assisted in the founding of 10 companies.
From 1995 to April 2000 he was Chairman and President of Inc.
Brigadoon was very involved in assisting Non Profits in utilizing the Internet for improvements in their productivity and public awareness. Brigadoon supported the Non Profits with Grants for web pages, hosting, and email accounts. Brigadoon had over 150 Non-Profit Grants established with many of the regional and national Non Profit clients.

Mr. Hansen holds a from the University of Minnesota in electrical engineering with a specialty in computers and advanced mathematics. He has early experience with the
Internet and maintains a current personal knowledge of Internet development,
Telecommunications, Cable, and Energy Cogeneration technologies.

Northwest Medical Teams
1996 Presidential Citation of Honor (citation # 27) HawthorneHands-on
1998 Hands-on Award

Girl Scouts of Seattle
1997 Totem Council Award

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
1996 Pacific Good Works Award

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
1996 Business Innovation Award

[section_separator divider_candy=”top” icon=”fa-user” icon_color=”” bordersize=”1px” bordercolor=”” backgroundcolor=”” class=”” id=””] Russell L. AbarrRussell L. Abarr  Vice President & General Manager – Plant Operations Russ has over 30 years of experience producing renewable fuels. His career has spanned being a first-line supervisor through being president of the company. Russ began his career as a production supervisor with ADM in the very early days of ethanol production after receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State University. He then became a process engineer for New Energy Corp. in South Bend, Indiana as that company started up the first large-scale greenfield dry mill ethanol plant in the United States. Russ progressed through the positions of Production Manager, Vice-President of Operations, and President and Chief Operating Officer. During Russ’s career at New Energy, he was instrumental in successfully starting up the one-of-a-kind plant. He then led the efforts to debottleneck the operations and optimize performance that allowed the plant to produce twice the original design guarantee capacity. Russ has experience and expertise in the areas of process control, capital project management, process optimization, environmental compliance, maintenance operations, quality control, and plant operations.

Russ also has an MBA from Indiana University. As president of a company, Russ has had responsibility for the areas of marketing, accounting, human resources, and overall business operations.