Welcome to Bioenergy Fuels, Inc. (BFI)

The BioEnergy Fuels Inc senior executives have extensive experience in the energy industry, finance and business.

We have been working to develop biomass-to-fuels and chemicals projects using advanced fast pyrolysis process to produce diesel fuel, chemicals  and syngas to MWH.   Over the last year, we have identified a number of sites with long term reliable sources of feedstock in quantities needed for plants at the size and scale needed to optimize the pyrolysis technology. 

Our mission is to develop biomass projects to provide safe, viable, sustainable energy solutions that make business sense. Using available biomass, such as wood chips, switchgrass or corn stover, the process breaks down the biomass to make inexpensive hydrogen, which is then converted to liquid fuels, such as diesel. The process is environmentally beneficial, with its major byproduct – biochar – which as value as a feedstock, or can be further processed into activated carbon products.

We are taking ideas and creating real world projects. We have a business model that integrates a sustainable technology with solid business experience, to produce a low risk, rational capital investment, with competitive production costs. Put simply, it makes good business sense and exemplifies the maxim; “Do good and do well”.

This solution promises a greener tomorrow and is carbon neutral or negative. With minimal emissions, the primary byproduct is biochar which has value as a soil amendment or it can be converted to a higher value product – activated charcoal.

We are actively seeking additional sources of feedstock, capable of supplying 50,000 to 150,000 tons per year on a sustainable basis.